How to Play
How do I enter?

Simply login to your existing Oddschecker account as you would on the main site. If you do not have an Oddschecker account you can create one for free by simply clicking the Login/Register button on the top right corner of the site. To take part in each round of the Pick 6 Competition, players must select one horse in all six Pick 6 races and submit an answer to the tie-break question before submitting their entry.

In order to win the Pick 6 Competition prize of $10,000 for the round a player must correctly select all six official winners of the selected Pick 6 races. The $10,000 prize can only be won if all six Pick 6 races are run (i.e. no abandoned races). If two or more players select all six winners, then the winner will be the player whose answer to the tie-break question is the closest to the offical result.  If the responses to the tie-break question cannot produce a clear winner then the competition prize will be split equally amongst the players who tied at the tie-break question level.

Pick 6 selections must be made before the official cut-off time of each round which is 12pm AEST. The competition will then close for the round however selections can be edited up until this time.

If a player selects a horse that is scratched, their selection automatically transfers on to an alternative runner in that race which is randomly generated by the administrator.

For information and help with your account or the Pick 6 game, please contact our support team

To view the full Terms and conditions of the Pick 6 game, please click here